With winter long gone and summer in the air it’s the right time to pay attention to those portals that bring the beautiful air into your home. Windows are useful for letting light and air into the house, but they can also add decoration when the right treatments are chosen. It might be as simple as adding a sheer layer to diffuse direct sunshine or perhaps you may need a complete change from hard window treatments (like older mini-blinds or vertical blinds) to something luxurious and soft made of fabric. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, your time is extremely valuable and searching all over for what might look good in your home—or might not—can be exhausting. That’s where I come in. I stay current on every kind of window treatment, every technology, and the entire range of new and classic fabric choices and customizations that will make your windows unique. I will make them represent you—your home, family and lifestyle. Together, we can make your rooms (or even a single window) all about your personality and taste.

Perhaps you just want new tie-backs, that’s great, let’s make them absolutely gorgeous! Have you ever thought about a custom valance that will make your room look more formal or about something sheer that isn’t just plain see-through fabric? In every case, you get a great new look and it all starts with your ideas and my experience. I’d love to help you have windows with wow!

Window Decor Tip of the Month: Gorgeous Custom Sheers Add Elegance and Much More!

You’ll be stunned by what modern fabric weaving and manufacturing have added to the beauty of sheer fabrics that will look amazing on your windows. Almost anything is possible—think stripes, botanicals, textures, embellishments and more colors than you can imagine. These décor marvels add even more beauty to incoming light, and bring a tangible boost to the beauty of any room!

I bring more than just product and fabrics books. I bring ideas and experience you’ll love! As I mentioned, it would take days and days of shopping for you to see the same array of window treatments I can bring to you in the convenience of your own home! Since we’ll work within your budget, I can guide you toward the very best window solutions to maximize both beauty and budget. I can show you how these thousands of possibilities can truly transform your rooms without doing an entire makeover. I have loads of ideas and experience and we’ll work together to make your ideas a beautiful and affordable reality!

Just call me for a free, at home consultation, and we’ll get started!
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