Jacqueline Balassiano

marathn-1I was recently in Back to Nature, a community restaurant, when I heard a group of kids talking. The conversation went something like this, “hey, I’m running the SBH junior marathon in November.” “Me too,” said another girl. I wondered to myself, do these kids know exactly what they are saying? Do they know the true meaning of a marathon, where it comes from? I was determined to find out.

The term “marathon” comes from a Greek runner, Phidippides, who was sent from the town of Marathon (a town northeast of Athens) to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon. The legend says that he ran the entire


Now how does this relate to me? In Ancient Greece the messengers who carried news of war from one city to another enjoyed great esteem and respect. The roads were dangerous and they had to pass through hostile territory. The state would assign specially trained “messengers,” or runners with great stamina and strength of character to carry all messages. distance without stopping. The distance was 26 miles and 385 yards.

So, why do I want to run this marathon? Well, this marathon puts me in the center of all the great work that SBH does. SBH is an organization of people of great stamina and strength of character. The work that SBH does knows no bounds. The organization helps families with anything they need. I would take great pride in running this marathon. I would like to help my community in every way that I can.

The skills that I have to offer as part of team SBH are many. For one, I love running with a passion and I feel I can spread that feeling amongst my peers. Secondly, I take great pride in nutrition (along with exercise). That being the case, I enjoy making healthy desserts. I make “angel treats” which are both delicious and nutritious. The ingredients are completely healthy, organic and energetic. I would love to volunteer to make some of my “angel treats” for the SBH family of individuals of great stamina and strength of character.

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