the-way-i-see-itDuring the months leading up to Election Day, we published several articles stressing how very important it is for our community to vote together, as a united, cohesive group.

We told you that the only way we can get politicians to take our community’s needs seriously is if everyone votes. By voting, we influence the decisions and programs that affect our community. It is a way for us to make ourselves heard on the issues that we care about. We have the power to determine who represents us. It is up to us to exercise that powerand you listenedand it worked.

By voting on Election Day we helped politicians, who support our community’s yeshivot and organizations, get elected.

In our November Issue, which came out just days before the election, we asked everyone to vote for eight candidates: Assemblymen Steven Cymbrowitz and Dov Hikind, Assemblywomen Rhoda Jacobs and Helene Weinstein, Assistant Comptroller Simcha Felder who ran for the Senate, Senators Martin Golden and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Congressman Jerrold Nadler.


We backed these candidates because we knew that they would work hard to represent us. We did not, however, back President Obama, but we wish him the best in his second term and hope that he will do what’s best for this country.

We did back Assemblyman Cymbrowitz, who has been a tremendous advocate for our community. We wanted to show our appreciation for everything he has done for us. He has used his seniority and connections in Albany to gather support for legislation that benefits our community and yeshivot. We’re happy to report that Assemblyman Cymbrowitz was reelected.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind gets involved in every issue important to our community. He has represented District 48 since 1983 and, thanks to us, he was also reelected. We also backed Rhoda Jacobs who won the primary and ran unchallenged in the election.

Helene Weinsten has represented District 41 since 1981. She defeated Joseph Hayon and will continue to work with us.


Simcha Felder won his race for the Senate. One of the first issues he would like to address is transportation vouchers for non-public school children.

Senator Martin Golden has been a friend to our community for many years. He shares our values, and has made sure that our concerns are addressed at the highest levels of state government. We’re happy that he, too, was reelected.


We backed Jerrold Nadler who is always aware of, and involved with, what’s happening in the Jewish community. He was another winner. Finally, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who had replaced Hillary Clinton in the Senate, won her first full six-year term. We asked you to vote for eight candidatesand you didand all eight won.

We hope that now that you’ve seen what a united community can accomplish, you will continue to vote for the candidates that make our community a priority.

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