For 10 years, Senator Marty Golden has been a voice of reason in Albany. Golden shares our values, and has made sure that our concerns are addressed at the highest levels of state government

Recently, Senator Golden was told that our community is opposed to having a casino built on Coney Island and in other parts of Brooklyn. He was one of the first elected officials to stand up and offer his support to the Sephardic Community Federations newly established coalition, Stop The Casino. Marty is leading the charge in the State Senate to help ensure that it never happens.


He believes that the best government is one that taxes less, operates like a business, and allows business to grow. Last year, Senator Golden worked in a bi-partisan way with his colleagues in the State Legislature and Governor Cuomo to lower state income taxes for 99% of New Yorkers. Income taxes are at the lowest point in 58 years. Golden was a leader in ending the sales tax on clothing and footwear costing $110 or less. As far back as 2005, Golden had introduced bills to exempt clothing and footwear from sales taxes in New York City. He knows that sales taxes cost consumers money and drive jobs and businesses out of state.


Golden has been an advocate for making government more efficient. He has called for a streamlining of State Government to end duplication of effort. He has also called for an end to needless government regulations that offer no protection to the public, but perpetuate New Yorks reputation as the capital of red tape. Golden believes we need common sense regulation that protects consumers, protects public safety, but does not drive business away from New York.
A former police officer, Marty Golden is committed to making our streets safer. He supports restoration of the death penalty, believing that it is an appropriate sanction and an effective deterrent. He is the author of Grannys Law, which imposes harsher penalties on those who prey on the elderly, and he has proposed tough new laws to get, in his words, the bad guys off the street.


Senator Golden shares our values. He supports a familys right to determine where their children attend school, and advocates tax credits for those parents who wish to send their children to private schools. He is pro-life, and believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. While others pander to special interests who wish to impose their values upon our community, Marty Golden stands for the traditional values that make our community strong.
As Marty Golden completes his first decade in the State Senate, he believes that more needs to be done to make our neighborhoods even better places to live, work, and raise a family.
We wholeheartedly endorse Martin J. Golden for re-election to the State Senate. Please vote for him on election day: Tuesday, November 6th

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