Senator Martin Golden with community membersThe Sephardic Voters League Meets with Senator Martin Golden

Picture a child with outstretched arms and a rope tied to each hand. Pulling on one hand are his parents. Pulling on the other hand are the bureaucrats who run the educational system. This portrays what is happening with our nations children.

The interests of parents are quite different from the interests of those providing education. As with all essential services, parents desire the best possible education for their children, at the least cost. The providers, now controlled by union bosses, desire maximum salaries and benefits, with minimum accountability.

In fact, having won the tug o war, with billions in taxpayer dollars, the educational establishment is no longer accountable to anyone. The parents lost control as soon as their educational funds were taken from them. Our government representatives lost control when unions began funding their electionswith the very same billions in taxpayer dollars.

Parents are prevented from pulling on their end of the rope for fear of pulling their children apart. Government control of education has resulted in the many crises we face. The steady decline in education, which began in the early 1960s when public employee unions came into being, parallels our moral decline that has led to the abandonment of our basic inalienable rights, such as liberty, equality of opportunity and equal justice for all.

The Sephardic Voters League recently met with Senator Martin Golden and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis to discuss this problem and school choice. Senator Golden agreed that school choice vouchers are the ultimate goal, but right now he is working on The Education Investment Incentives Act, which recently passed in the senate.

The Education Investment Incentives Act would authorize a tax credit up to 75% of either personal income tax liability or corporate franchise tax liability for donations to public education entities, local education funds, and educational scholarship organizations.

Senator Golden said, This legislation will advance New York States interest in providing the highest quality of education to all students. It will encourage donations to schools and scholarship funds. As we continue to look for ways to reduce the tax burden on New Yorkers, and at the same time improve education, this legislation appropriately promotes charitable giving to our schools and students. I urge the state assembly to pass this bill before the end of session so that we allow education, and thus the future of our state, to prosper.

This years election for the presidency, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 33 in the senate, presents us with the incredible opportunity to take back our government by rescuing our nations children.

Republicans, like Senator Golden and Assemblywoman Malliotakis, will support school choice while democrats, who are afraid of upsetting the school unions, will not.

We can pave the way for parental liberty throughout the USA, by electing representatives committed to sponsoring and championing proposed legislation. We also have to take back the state senate and assembly by voting for politicians who support school choice and vouchers.

This critical legislative proposal is now in the hands of every voter. By leveraging our votes and informing our candidates of our intention, the future is ours to determine. This may be our last chance to rescue our children. Better that we act now, before its too late.
Israel Teitelbaum serves as secretary of the Alliance for Free Choice in Education.

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