After spending days stockpiling rocks, Molotov cocktails, firecrackers, bricks and steel bars in the al aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount, in a premeditated attempt to attack policemen and Jewish worshipers on the morning of Tisha b’Av, with the intention of causing the police to close the Mount to Jews, the Muslim terrorists were surprised when a massive police force stormed the mosque and forced the mob back into the mosque where they were neutralized. A number of trouble makers were arrested.

The Muslim claim that the Temple Mount is Islam’s “third holiest site” is belied by this video footage.

What nation or religion desecrates its own “holy site” by turning it into a weapons depot and intentionally trashing its contents, “holy books” and all?

The second half of the video shows footage of Jewish worshipers commemorating the 9th of Av, the anniversary of the destruction of the Holy Temple 1,945 years ago. The Jews are surrounded by Muslims screaming , among other things, “death to the Jews” and “al aqsa (the Temple Mount) belongs to the Muslims.” Jews on the Temple Mount are not allowed to pray or sing, or carry religious books or symbols, or wave a flag or even engage in silent meditation, despite the fact that the Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site.

Muslims on the Temple Mount, who play soccer, practice martial arts, hold summer camps, (in which sheikhs preach martyrdom (terror) to young children, hold Hamas ans ISIS rallies, harass and torment Jewish worshipers, have zero restrictions placed on them.

This video was filmed and made public by the Israel police.

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