In loving memory of David Levy

By: Norman D. Levy


The catastrophe of Hurricane Sandy paralyzed most of the East Coast. The effects of this calamity will be felt for a very long time. The tunnels and subways were filled with 11 feet of water and did not resume service for days. Businesses were destroyed and people lost their homes. Gas stations were closed. Within a few hours, we were thrown back 100 years!

Every person on the East Coast was affected in one way or another. In this fast moving generation, everything came to a screeching halt. A few days after the storm, the F train was in operation, but only until we got to downtown Brooklyn. To get to my office, I decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. At that point, I smiled and realized the frailty of technology. We have become accustomed to modern conveniences. Everything is always at our fingertips.

Yet, due to the storm, we were forced to live without our debit cards and without our cell phones. We were forced to use our survival skills. As I became humbled, I realized something that I already knew, Hashem is the boss and He is running the world.

Even though we occasionally witness earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunami’s, the kindness of Hashem is always all around us. After a calamity, each day the sun and the moon rise and set. Seasons occur every year at their proper times. It is written that Hashem recreates the world each day. The world is built on kindness and Hashem’s kindness sustains us. Man should emulate Hashem and extend kindness to his neighbors. Wind can damage technology but only Hashem can turn off the light in the sky.

Heaven and Earth are parallel to each other. During times of crisis, man’s spirit shines though him. Calamity causes unity. Selfishness is non-existent in times of trouble. Everyone’s door is open to his neighbor. The heavens respond according to man’s actions on earth.

When two people are in conflict, the emotional fury can be compared to a hurricane. Most of the time, conflicts begin with pettiness resulting in a cycle of collateral damage.

Hashem hates conflict between his children. Division between family, friends and community can be the reason for such a lengthy exile. The message of a physical storm can be to promote peace among man and his neighbor.

Introspection and humility lead you to realize your faults and make you able to apologize and forgive others.

We have been in exile for 2,000 years. Hashem wants a nation that is unified. It is up to us to demonstrate forgiveness to our fellow man. Cleaning up emotional debris and spreading peace will cause a spiritual hurricane of unity on earth. Hashem will reciprocate and bring us home to see the redemption of Jerusalem in our time. Amen!

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