Are you often disappointed when you go shopping for clothes? Do you return home empty handed because you couldn’t find that special outfit you wanted? Does it seem like almost all the clothes are inappropriate for you because they are strapless, sleeveless, too low cut or too short? With a good imagination, a great tailor and a visit to a well stocked fabric shop, these issues can be remedied and clothing that you passed by before can be made to fit your very own specifications.

Many savvy, well-dressed women have overcome these issues and turned  previously unacceptable clothing into on-of-a-kind outfits. Here are some suggestions, to resolve various issues, that I learned from the girls:


The simplest way to cover your arms is with a cardigan or jacket. Find one that will enhance the sleeveless item you love. Wraps are very fashionable and can be found in a large array of colors. Fur shawls, capes, stoles and wraps add glamour to any dress and solve the bare arm problem. Another option is  to add sleeves. Take your article of clothing with you and find a fabric that will enhance its look. You can stick with the same color in a coordinating fabric. Adding this fabric to the length or collar gives a professional look.

Strapless Dresses

All strapless dresses can be built up. A tailor can add sleeves or can find the same—or a matching—fabric. When purchasing dresses for special occasion, ask if the company will supply the material. Jackets shawls and capes are also useful here.


Too Short

A visit to the fabric store can remedy this problem. Adding length and sleeves in chiffon or another soft fabric can be dazzling. I know a woman who purchased the same dress in two different sizes. One was her size. The other was the largest size they had.  She used the fabric from the second dress to build up  the top of the first one, add length and make a bolero jacket. Because they were on sale, even after alterations, her perfect dress was still way below the cost of custom made.

Too Sheer or Too Low Cut

All sheer items can be lined and sometimes colored linings are spectacular. Low cut, in either the front or back, can be remedied by using fabric to fill in. An expert tailor can accomplish this very professionally. If you are looking for a cocktail dress, and find a well-fitting gown, you can have the dress cut and use the fabric according to your needs.

When purchasing items that need extra fabric, it is preferable to buy from an establishment that issues full returns, should you be unable to find a fabric you want or if you have buyer’s remorse.

With these suggestions in mind and the use of your imagination the sky is the limit. Redesigning clothing, adding according to your own taste and style, can make you the wearer of unique clothing at a fraction of the cost. Of course you need an expert tailor too!

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