Kids Are Always Listening

Michoel Ambush


It started as a joke. I was on the way out the door to work one day when my wife told me to take my hat and raincoat. “It’s going to rain today,” she said. “But it’s nice out now. I’ll take my chances,” I replied. I came home soaked.

A few days later, on the way out the door my wife said, “You better take your hat and raincoat; it’s supposed to rain.” This time I listened. It didn’t rain. The sky was clear with high heat and plenty of humidity. So I came home all clammy from the heat of the raincoat and hat.

It wasn’t until this happened a few more times that we began to notice a trend. Invariably, whenever the forecast called for rain, all I had to do was wear my hat and the weather would hold out. But if I dared leave the hat at home, I’d come home drenched!

It was uncanny. It got to the point where my wife could predict the weather based on whether or not I took my hat. And if she knew she was going to be out, she would ask me to wear my hat so it wouldn’t rain. And it workedalways!

One day, as I was leaving for work and my wife was taking the kids to school, she asked me to take my hat. “The forecast says rain.”

My three-year-old boy spoke up just then. “Abba, I like rain. I want it to rain today.”

“That’s wonderful. It look’s like there may be a big storm and you can watch the rain all you want.”

I gave him a little pinch on the cheek and then grabbed my hat and started to go. My little boy started to get upset.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“No Abba, don’t take your hat. I want it to rain today and if you take your hat, it won’t rain.”

Lesson number one: The kids are always listening. Watch what you say.

I knelt down and gave my son a hug.

“My boy, let this be a lesson. It doesn’t really matter whether I wear my hat or not. I can’t control the rain. It’s like everything else in life. It only looks like people are running things, but Hashem is really in control the whole time”

Michoel Ambush is the Director of the Emunah Foundation. The Emunah Foundation is dedicated to teaching the basics of Emunah with a variety of innovative programs.

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