In this day and age everyone is looking for more, for something better, something different. Everyone wants to get the most miles possible for a gallon of gas. With prices rising and fossil fuels becoming less and less accessible, society is on the hunt for an alternative. The competitiveness between companies to come up with the substitute is cut throat. The world is ready for the next best thing and an Israeli company is working to bring us just that.

Phinergy is the name of the company. Aviv Tzidon is its CEO and founder. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who founded over 10 high-tech companies. He is a creative thinker who likes to think out of the box. He holds over 15 patents, many of which have led to breakthrough innovations across various industry segments. Aviv is passionate about alternative energies, and believes aluminum will become the next major sustainable energy source thanks to metal-air technology.

Phinergy is a leading developer of breakthrough zero-emission; high energy-density systems based on metal-air energy technologies. The company’s primary focus is on aluminum-air and zinc-air batteries. Unlike conventional batteries that carry oxygen, these batteries freely breathe oxygen from the ambient air to release the energy contained in metals.

Metal-air technology has been at the forefront of energy research for years, due to its enormous energy potential. Phinergy’s technological breakthroughs allow it to efficiently utilize this potential for various applications, outperforming conventional batteries.

A conventional battery consists of an anode and a cathode, where the cathode takes up to 70% of the battery’s weight. The result is that most of a conventional battery’s weight is poorly utilized. A metal-air battery features an air-electrode that breathes oxygen from ambient air, instead of the conventional cathode. That is, the battery consumes the required oxygen from the air, rather than having heavy materials that bound oxygen inside it. Metal-air batteries therefore have a huge potential for delivering high capacity with low weight.

Using this technology, they invented a car that is able to function on water due to the aluminum-air battery. The car runs on two batteries; a lithium battery and an aluminum-air battery. When the aluminum air battery reacts with oxygen, electrical power is produced, and this energy recharges the lithium battery, which in turn allows the car to continue running.

Phinergy has successfully integrated its aluminum-air battery system into an electric vehicle, providing a driving range that is more than three times the range of electric vehicles now on the road and in 2017 it will be available to the public.

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