Weddings are going softer, sweeter, lusher and more heartfelt. 2014 has brought a return to the classics. The return to romance ushers in a new love for the formality of days gone by. Think white-gloved waiters and big band dancing, crystal candlesticks and gold-rimmed china.

Pink is back! Do you already feel like a blushing bride? Carry that sweet love over to your color scheme. Flowers and centerpieces should be light, soft pink or peach—not hot pink!

Lush, soft, and exquisitely romantic—the flower of the year is the many-petaled tree peony. The sweet-smelling garden rose is also making a comeback. In addition, while flowers are very stylish. This year, floral arrangements are getting a serious upgrade. Think oversized cascade bridal bouquets and elaborate flower installations that hang over the dance floor. Flowers are being woven into the décor more than ever by draping elaborate displays over tables, having fresh flowers on the chuppah and decking out cake canopies with flowers.

Many brides will be taking inspiration from the 1920’s with dramatic veils, fur wraps, hair embellishments, and incorporating shades of gold into their wedding plans. Adding to the vintage feel, brides trying to recreate the 20’s will be using more feathers this year, whether it’s on their gown, in their hair or used as décor throughout the day. There’s something that feels very romantic about adding old-world items and antiques to your big day. Many couples opt to include family heirlooms within their décor, giving a personal touch to their vintage wedding. For the men, the classic bow tie is making a comeback.

Lace is still all the rage. From lace wrapped bouquet handles to lace gowns, everyone is still in love with the romantic touch this fabric can add.

Couples like to party more than ever, and want their weddings to last as long as possible. Enter the all-night wedding. Once the reception ends, the party continues. Couples keep the fun going by moving the party into another room or even an alternate venue. The after-party should have a completely different décor with fun, late-night comfort foods. One big important to-do for those taking this route: arrange for transportation home or back to the hotel so that none of the guests need to drive home afterwards.

Your cake should shine! The looks range from a fairy dusting of very fine glitter on the top tiers, to wild disco ball sparkle. The flavor is very driven by season. If you’re planning a summer wedding, choose a lemon cake with lemon flavor. Winter brides are selecting chocolate cakes with rich accents of mocha or praline.

The music you choose for your wedding reception will play a big part in your wedding theme. Most brides and grooms plan to start the evening with the classic ‘first dance’ together as man and wife. While this has not changed, many couples are also requesting a ‘last dance’ song. The most popular first dance songs for 2014 are All My Life by Linda Ronstadt, A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson, At Last by Etta James, Have I Told You Lately by Van Morrison and Rod Stewart, Keeper Of The Stars by Tracy Byrd, Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole, What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong and You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban.

Ultra modern wedding invitations are very in style for 2014. Driven by sleek, clean lines, this trend exudes cool chic. You can add personality with bold fonts and geographic patterns. This trend is inspired by the art deco period. Vintage Deco invitations include gorgeous frames and details. Romantic neutrals with subtle hints of trim, shimmer and subdued jewel tones.

There are several wedding themes that are popular this year, including rustic weddings, quirky weddings, symbolic and dramatic weddings, however one wedding theme that will always be in fashion is romance. In classic elegant form or a more contemporary reworking, the traditional look of the bridal bodice, morning suits and roses never dates. You can bring it into the 21st century or work it with vintage, fairy tale or retro details. Rose petals make the ultimate romantic statement. They add color and a beautiful scent, they are also available all year round. Rose bud corsages and wrist or arm decorations are also a lovely and unusual detail and dyed roses in unusual colors make striking centerpieces.

When you plan your wedding it’s up to you what colors, look, music and theme the whole day takes on. It’s your chance to get creative and stamp your own personal style on the first day of the rest of your life together. While it’s lovely when all your guests are talking the next day about your amazing wedding, however the only ones who really have to love all the elements of your wedding are you and your new spouse.

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