trenchEveryone anticipates the first days of spring, the warm weather, the flowers blooming, and of course, a fresh spring wardrobe. While many fall trends are being carried over into the new season, like metallics and sequins, new spring trends focus on stripes, florals and the casual bohemian look.

Look for coral to be the fresh new color this spring. It can be spotted in every facet—clothes, handbags, sandals, and makeup.

The bohemian look will give you a casual style to take with you throughout the summer. Long maxi dresses, stylish caftans, braided sandals and accessories are not only stylish, but comfortable as well.

As the weather warms, navy and white stripes become more and more appealing. Nautical stripes can be found all over—in blazers, dresses, flats and totes.

Long necklaces with pretty beads, bold chains, and oversized pendants are great accents to any outfit.

Shiny, shimmery sequined and metallic looks give plenty of flash to handbags, tops and dresses.

Trench coats—from khaki to metallic—are a must have for those rainy spring days.

Cross body bags are still a great way of lightening your load. Many styles feature gold chains as the strap for a Chanel feel. If you need to carry a lot, totes are still very popular.

Florals will brighten up your entire spring wardrobe. Dresses, blouses, necklaces and purses, along with flat sandals, all will be  the height of style this season in this pattern.

And let’s not forget our makeup. With every season it’s nice to freshen up your makeup. Spring pastels will help give your face a nice, clean look.

All the styles and trends mentioned can be found in most stores in all price ranges.
Randi Shomer is a community member, mother of four children and a freelance writer.

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