CARLOS FALCHI Metallic Leopard Print Medium shopper toteAs the season unfolds and progresses, new fall styles and trends will hit the stores. Some styles will be an instant hit, and some won’t pan out. In my fashion research, I discovered many different accessories that will accentuate and enhance many outfits, giving them a savvy and stylish feel. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect in the stores this fall.


The Tote Bag
Tote bags have been an up and coming fad over the past few years, with many Sequin metal ring status necklaceuses and many sharp styles. Whether it is metallic, striped, canvas or nylon; the tote bag is perfect as a school bag (for those going to school), library books, or to carry work to and fro. Of course it is ecological as well.

Necklaces and Bracelets
In jewelry, look for a multi-chain look accentuated by metal rings. Wide cuff bracelets are still in style as well, but look for bracelets with multiple stones to add color to a one dimensional outfit.

JUNYA WATANABE canvas and leather lace up bootsSpat Boots
Look for big bold cuffs on towering heels or wedges in boots low and high. This definitely gives off a cool, casual biker feel.

Also known as low boots, booties come in soft ties, peep toes and cut out styles. They always make for a fun look.

Over-the-Knee Boots
Whether they are flat or with heels, over-the-knee styles are sticking around this fall. These boots go perfectly with a skirt or leggings.

Charles by CHARLES DAVIDMilitary
The military look is definitely the newest and biggest trend of the fall season. Look for military jackets with epaulets, cool lace up boots and khaki shirts. This fashion style is a must have.

When going out, a small bag for your phone and money is essential, which means that having the clutch is a necessity. A quilted clutch looks elegant, especially on a chain belt.

Aqua crystal stretch braceletSaddle Bags
Cross-body bags are still fashionable, but the saddle bag look adds a new style. Look for bags with many compartments and nice, supple leather in rich fall colors.

Scarves and Gloves
Scarves will remain popular. One new look is the knit circular scarf. This fall, gloves and scarves will be sporting sequins and pearls as a new accessory style.
Randi Shomer is a community member, mother of four children, and a freelance DKNY Quilted Clutch with Chainwriter.

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