Choosing a honeymoon destination is one of the most exciting and romantic decisions a couple must make before their wedding day. First you should decide if you want to rest and relax or go on a honeymoon adventure. To have a happy and memorable honeymoon, couples should take some time to discuss their desires and find the perfect place, that will be a dream come true for both of them.

If one of you is a thrill seeker, and the other wants a spa week, you may need to compromise, and head for a destination with a little of both. One suggestion is to choose an adventurous location that offers exciting tours, walks, and hikes, while also offering beautiful beaches and a magnificent hotel suite with all the amenities.

After making a list of possible honeymoon destinations, it is a great idea to check the weather in that area of the world, during the time you wish to travel. Weather has ruined many a honeymoon. Many destinations have rainy seasons and some have hurricane seasons, so be thorough in your research to avoid such disasters.

Years ago, Hawaii was the go-to honeymoon destination and although Hawaii is still absolutely breathtaking and the weather is perfect, there are so many other choices. What is most important is that you consider each other’s desires, so you both can be happy, and share wonderful memories of your special time together. Here are some romantic and exotic destinations to consider.


Belize is a natural honeymoon spot, where you can visit ancient Mayan ruins, go scuba diving along the world’s second largest coral reef, fly down a zip line at breathtaking speeds, then hike through a jungle, past winding waterfalls and limestone caves. When the adventure is over, spend a few days relaxing on a beautiful white sandy beach.

Punte Del Este, Uruguay

This beautiful location is where the jet setters of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Europe park their yachts. Sunbathe on a gorgeous beach during the day and then dance the night away at an exotic night club. Stay and play until the sun rises, then nap and do it all again.


If you’re looking for an exotic and mysterious location, then Marrakesh may be the honeymoon destination for you. The Marrakesh Medina is the old city where you’ll find endless winding narrow streets, souks (shops) selling all kinds of goods and more. The Djemaa El-Fna is the largest and busiest night market and square in the world, full of snake charmers, music, mischievous monkeys and acrobats. Gueliz is Marrakesh’s new district where modern shopping and kosher restaurants abound. Enjoy Marrakesh’s medieval architecture and sandy landscape. Enjoy the sights and  street markets during the day, and the romantic, star-lit skies at night. In Marrakesh every day is special.

South East Asia

For couples that need more excitement on a honeymoon than sun and sand, South East Asia offers a perfect mix of adventure, romance and discovery. From elephant rides in the jungle in Chiang Mai to boat rides past massive limestone edifices in Ha Long Bay to relaxing beach side in Langkawi, there’s so much to do that you’ll need more than a couple of weeks. The floating markets, ancient ruins, history and stark contrast in culture in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are truly magnificent.

Turtle Island, Fiji

Discover the above water huts on Turtle Island in Fiji. There you’ll discover the meaning of secluded and exclusive paradise. With accommodations for only fourteen couples at any given time, the aim of Turtle Island Resort is to give couples an experience of a lifetime. For the ultimate in luxury, romance, and relaxation, Turtle Island offers a wonderful honeymoon getaway.


Africa is such a unique continent that it guarantees the honeymoon of a lifetime. A combination of an African safari with time on an Indian Ocean island provide the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. This combination is a hands-down winner and perfectly fulfils the African safari honeymoon dream. Tanzania is an ideal honeymoon location, offering stunning scenery, great safaris, dream-inspiring beaches and small, romantic accommodations. Honeymooners who want a wilderness experience Botswana is the place to go for a completely authentic safari experience. Kenya offers safaris as well. To enjoy the best of Kenya, head away from the crowds. Zanzibar’s palm fringed beaches and exceptional coral reefs make this enchanting  island the number one choice for beach breaks after a safari in East Africa. Its amazing lodges and private islands are drenched in sunshine for much of the year.


Australia has many perfect honeymoon destinations. Whether you’re looking for a week of lazing on the beach, some fresh air in the great outdoors, or even an adventure-packed honeymoon, Australia has everything. Byron Bay offers pristine beaches and beautiful scenery making it a relaxing and luxurious destination. With a variety of activities to offer, from lying on the beach, taking a walk through the nearby rainforest or hang gliding, kayaking and fishing, you will never be bored. If you like mountains, enjoy the beautiful wilderness and amazing hiking trails that Tasmania has to offer. The Cradle Mountains feature gorgeous alpines and a tranquil countryside with plenty of cosy accommodation for newlyweds. Fill your days with horse riding, mountain walks, bike rides or simply snuggling by the fire and indulging in a spa treatment. The serene setting of Daylesford is enough to send any newlywed into immediate relaxation mode. Daylesford is full of galleries, spa facilities and beautiful countryside. Known as one of Australia’s premier spa destinations, it’s perfect for honeymooners. Travel to the Northern Territory to experience Australia’s magnificent, remote and natural environment first hand. Kakadu National Park features spectacular cultural and ecological beauty. Enjoy time with your new

husband/wife as you wander the great outdoors together and appreciate your isolated and untouched surroundings. This peaceful destination is full of wildlife, spectacular views and great walking trails. For a city honeymoon, Melbourne is a must. It’s a vibrant and bustling city with beautiful old buildings, great shopping, and the latest shows and entertainment. Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is full of beautiful remote beaches that will have you rested and stress-free in no time. The best activity for couples on the Sunshine Coast is to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

Tuamotus, Tahiti

Tuamotus is a chain of 78 unspoiled atolls about an hour’s flight north of Tahiti. It is a truly exotic honeymoon destination. The archipelago sprawls more than a thousand miles from east to west. There’s a maze of coral reefs and sandy lagoons. The Tuamotus are great because they aren’t famous yet, unlike Bora Bora and Tahiti. Get there before the rest of the world discovers them, because it’s only a matter of time. There isn’t a better place to be stranded in the entire South Pacific than these remote and wildly beautiful islands where you often feel like you’re the only two people on the planet. There isn’t another place on Earth with so many different shades of blue and green water.

Honeymoon Cruise

Most people spend a good part of each day and night enjoying lush buffets on cruise ships, which is difficult for those who are strictly kosher. However there are kosher cruises. You just have to find one that coincides with the date of your wedding. Most kosher cruises offer glatt kosher gourmet meals and snacks, minyanim and shiurim, Jewish concerts, on-board events, Broadway style entertainment and endless activities.

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