There is new awareness emerging in the Jewish community regarding food, especially amongst wise women. “Let’s be healthy, whilst we are strictly kosher,”—this is the guiding light of De La Rosa Real Foods, whose mission is to Put “Soul” Back Into Food.

The Holy Torah has a specific mitzvah, ve-nishmartem meod lenafshotechem (You shall guard exceedingly your physical wellbeing”). This mitzvah has been neglected for many years and we have an extra obligation to pursue such mitzvahs. This is what De La Rosa Real Foods is all about.

The objective of De La Rosa, a manufacturer of healthy kosher food products, is to help the Jewish community make healthier food choices to avoid the enslavement to flavor and superficial beauty which is the essence of Greek culture.

De La Rosa’s products are always kosher and organic whenever possible. All of De La Rosa foods are pure and free of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). De La Rosa makes a real effort to keep the cost of organics as low as possible, so that they are a real alternative for the consumer.

Food is “medicine” and therefore it can be healing or hurting. The Rambam successfully used natural herbs for healing, but that doesn’t reduce the importance of modern medicine when it comes to surgery and the physical repair of the body after injury.

Food with the best hechsher in the world is only good enough when it is not adulterated and full of chemicals and pesticides and GMO’s. Adulterated foods are a danger to the wellbeing of the body and soul and even though technically kosher, to eat them violates one of the most critical Jewish principles:

Chamira Sakanta Me’Isurah– Threat to life is considered a far more serious issue in Torah than violating a forbidden act.

Indeed, eating foods full of ingredients processed with chemicals and white sugar and oils from GMO seeds, is truly harmful to one’s health. Junk food is junk food. It can have the best hechsher till eternity but it is still junk food.

We must protect our innocent children from this onslaught of unhealthy sweet tasty foods. Our markets are inundated with products not only totally devoid of nutrients and full of empty calories but foods that actually introduce harmful elements into the body which are especially dangerous to growing children. Pesach is the real testing ground for keeping this principle of health because there are so many traps.

De La Rosa has been selling kosher for Passover culinary oils and vinegars for 30 years.

Because the principle is to find “medicine” in food, De La Rosa was the first to discover the advantages of grape seed oil and import it into America. Grape seed oil is a superior oil to use for all cooking needs, for Pesach and year round, as it doesn’t smoke even up to 485˚ and it is a heart healthy oil.

Our revered teacher Ha Rav Ovadia Yosef zt”l was instrumental in approving the hechsher of De La Rosa Grape Seed Oil in the footsteps of the Chatam Sofer.

Just recently De La Rosa introduced Kosher for Passover Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Organic Red and White Wine Vinegars from Italy to their regular Balsamic Vinegar of Modena line.

De La Rosa Organic Vinegars are high quality, made in Italy from Italian organic grapes and free of any preservatives or additives. These offer a really healthy alternative to conventional vinegars which generally are full of preservatives and additives.

The newest addition from De La Rosa to enhance the Seder table is De La Rosa’s new Organic Grape Juice. What makes Wow! This Is It! (the name of the juice) unlike other grape juices? Wow! is made from the pressing of pure organic grapes. There are no additives, no sulphites, no chemicals, no water and no concentrates. This juice has truly unsurpassed taste. Try it and see if you too join the chorus of “Wow!” Most who try it do, which is how the name was derived. Using Wow! at your Passover Seder will elevate the Seder to new heights.

Wow! is just being introduced into markets, so if you can’t find it at your favorite kosher store, ask the owner to get it. All De La Rosa Real Food products are also conveniently available on You can also contact De La Rosa at their offices at (718) 333-0333 or via their website

De La Rosa does a lot of research to find the best and healthiest products. Right after Pesach, De La Rosa has plans to introduce organic tahinis and sesame oils, organic date products and a large array of incredible new food choices—delicious foods that will give consumers superior alternatives at the marketplace.

To put this in perspective, organic foods now represent more than $30 billion in sales and the kosher organic segment is growing in double digits each year. As per the philosophy of De La Rosa Real Foods, we should all “Put Soul Back Into Our Foods” by being very selective in choosing what we eat.

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