Roots of Addiction

A principal of a prominent high school called me recently, after her son dropped out of drug treatment. Despite her normally strong demeanor, she was on the verge of ...
Breaking Financial

Investing In Water

With all the snow and rain we received this winter, and after the storms and flooding that hit last fall, it’s hard to imagine that most of the United ...

Hallel on Purim?

Halacha from Yalkut Yosef Saka Edition, By Rabbi Moshe Mizrahi We recite Hallel on each of the three major festivals and on Hanukka to thank G-d and praise him ...

Oneg Shabbat

The prophet Isaiah proclaimed (Yeshayahu 58:13), “Declare Shabbat a delight; it is honored to be sanctified for G-d, and you shall honor it.” These words are the source for ...


Halacha from Yalkut Yosef Saka Edition: Laws of Hanukka translated by Rabbi Moshe Mizrahi The Yalkut Yosef Saka Edition project is an endeavor sponsored by generous members of our ...