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The Importance of Impulse Control

In today’s world desires are met almost immediately. We all enjoy having instant answers from the Internet, skipping commercials, and next-day shipping, but we should know that in this ...

Judaism’s Bill of Obligation in Marriage

Judaism is a system for living that is built on obligations as opposed to rights. This is especially true with respect to the Jewish approach to marriage. Obligations foster ...

How to Help Your Kids Get Along

Sibling rivalry is one of the toughest challenges of parenting. Even my attorney friends don’t feel equipped to mediate the conflicts that arise over who gets to press the ...

6 Ways to Stay In Love Forever

Relationships don’t coast by on autopilot. They need active effort to keep the love alive. Here are six secrets to stay in love forever: 1. Us Time: You may ...

How To Throw a Dinner Party

If there’s a gene for throwing amazing dinner parties, I didn’t get one. Yet, I’ve always wanted to throw one; I just never knew where to start. It shouldn’t ...