Jewish History

Jewish History

Jewish Inventors and Their Inventions

From A Teddy Bear and Barbie Doll to An Uzi Submachine Gun and More Considering that the Jewish people constitute just one half of one percent of the world’s ...
Israel Jewish History

Jewish World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records has been the authority on the exact requirements for each record and with whom records reside for almost 70 years. It came about ...
Jewish History

America’s Jewish Museums

An official ground-breaking ceremony for the Ohio Holocaust and Liberators Memorial took place recently at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. Ohio will be the second state after Iowa to ...
Jewish History

Conference of Jewish Refugees at the UN

The second annual gathering of Jewish refugees from Arab countries was held recently at the UN. The event was organized by the Israeli delegation to the UN, headed by ...
Jewish History

The Irish Jewish Museum

At its height, the number of Jewish citizens in Ireland only reached 5,000, so why does Ireland need a museum to celebrate a community that today numbers just over ...