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Why Teens Start Smoking

NYC’s Sensible Tobacco Enforcement Law is in full effect. Now, licensed tobacco vendors may not sell cigarettes to anyone under 21 years of age; cigars under $3 must be ...

Sunscreen Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Most of us are aware that the sun is harmful to our skin. Now that summer is upon us, we can arm ourselves with knowledge that will allow us ...

Cuban-Developed Lung Cancer Vaccine Could Arrive in US

As U.S. relations with Cuba thaw, one unexpected byproduct could be the introduction of a Cuban-developed lung cancer vaccine in the U.S. Called Cimavax, an innovative vaccine that was ...

7 Pains That Men Should Never Ignore

These common aches could very well be nothing. Or something far, far worse Most of the time, it’s good that the little Vince Lombardi sitting on our shoulder tells ...
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How To Thank Your Body This Thanksgiving

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all the comfort foods that come along with Thanksgiving make us all really excited for the holiday season! Here are some great ways to “Thank ...
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Will this make me FAT?

“Will this make me fat?” That seems to be the running question in our office these days. Many are confused as to what foods may be contributing to their ...