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Why Teens Start Smoking

NYC’s Sensible Tobacco Enforcement Law is in full effect. Now, licensed tobacco vendors may not sell cigarettes to anyone under 21 years of age; cigars under $3 must be ...

Risk to Succeed Be An Entrepreneur

In December, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that about 7 million of the 10.9 million new jobs added were created by start-ups and small business enterprises. For 15 ...

The Rude Awakening Program

The Deal Test Site, also known as the Joe Palaia Park in Ocean Township,  New Jersey, is a peaceful place to walk, bike ride, and appreciate nature. So, when ...

A Letter to the Editor Re: Education

Dear Editor, The greatest breach of our constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is government control of education. Government has indoctrinated generations of Americans into ...
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7 Kid-Friendly Websites

When you Google the word porn, guess how many websites are found. The answer, not hundreds of thousands, not a million, but 520 million. That’s a ridiculously huge amount ...
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School Bus Safety

It has been over a year since Senator Felder passed legislation that provides school buses to yeshivah children in kindergarten through 6th grade, who remain in school after 4 ...