During a movie our attention is focused on the acting, scenery and the plot. After a movie, the credits roll giving most of the recognition to the actors and actresses. We rarely notice the names of the director, construction crew or backstage help. Observing the work of everyone who toils tirelessly behind the scenes increases appreciation for the director and his crew. The backstage workers are responsible for the music, clothing, makeup, sound effects and the scenery picked perfectly by the design crew. The writers, director and everyone else who works behind the scenes deserve most of the credit for a successful movie.

Spiritually, man proceeds through life on a stage. His character is the part he plays and everything that happens backstage is orchestrated by the head director, Hashem himself. The crews are the angels sent to supervise his role. As man reflects upon his life, he should appreciate all that goes on behind the scenes—from childhood through the final acts of his life. Recognizing Hashem’s involvement in our everyday life increases our appreciation for his loving kindness.

The miracle of childbearing is a testimony of orchestration from heaven. Throughout the term of fetal development, a fetus receives nourishment from its mother. He is protected by an amniotic sac and is sheltered from heat and cold. An umbilical cord is automatically formed as a tube to feed the fetus. The miracle of fetal growth is a backstage orchestration designed by Hashem.

During the 40 years in the desert, our nation was similar to a fetus with its gradual growth. Our ancestors were sheltered with clouds of glory, food and water. Their clothing did not wither, nor did their shoes falter. As they entered Israel, they were mature enough to handle the atmospheric pressures of the outside world.

Each person has been created with a specific role in his own movie. His talents are given to him by Hashem and his weaknesses will attempt to force him to surrender to his negative traits. Challenges in his life can result in lack of faith. They can cause him to feel unprotected and unsheltered. Concentrating on his talents and using them to eliminate his negative traits is done with introspection, confidence and prayer.

One must realize that Hashem didn’t abandon him at birth. He is continually running the show from behind the scenes. Observing and studying the backstage flawless construction of one’s life causes inner peace and security and increases the feeling of Hashem’s protection.

The gift of Torah knowledge assists one to ensure proper character traits. With the gift of spirituality, one is able to feel protected and able to emerge through life, avoiding negative influences that can compromise his soul.

Just as we were protected by an amniotic sac before birth and sheltered by our parents during our lives, our Father in heaven is backstage pulling the strings and orchestrating the coming of Messiah, when we see the rebuilding of Jerusalem in our time! Amen!

In loving memory of David Levy by Norman D Levy

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