Arts season at the Yeshivah of Flatbush is exciting. Multiple events were held  recently to celebrate the visual and performing arts. Joel Braverman High School recently held its Third Annual Evening of the Arts. The event showcased the varied artistic pursuits of talented students, with vocal and dramatic performances and a display of graphic and visual arts. The evening began with the JBHS Chamber Choir’s rendition of the National Anthem. It continued with individual and group musical numbers as well as monologues and dramatic performances.  Genres from classical to contemporary and songs in English, Hebrew and Russian reflected the diverse interests of the student body.

The performers shared the stage with dedicated YOF arts faculty who accompanied and directed their performances and worked to help them perfect their craft. Accompanying the vocal and dramatic segment of the evening was the visual art exhibit, featuring works in a variety of mediums and subject matter. Works done in paint, pencil, mixed media, figurative, abstract and relief sculpture, graphic design, photography, and claymation were all on display.

There was also a beautiful mosaic created by the JBHS Wellness Class and the Morris I. Franco Community Cancer Center, which had previously been on view at the Cancer Center’s art show. The Wellness Class, taught by Ms. Ariela Robinson, is a tsei u’lemad (independent study) where students dedicate themselves to learning how to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally. In weekly meetings, students explored yoga sessions, running in a marathon and learning from guest speakers about topics such as the dangerous messages the media teaches women. As a culminating project, each girl created a piece exploring what community means to her, along with the collaborative mosaic piece that depicted the splitting of the Red Sea.

On the evening of the show, in a very moving moment, the two sides of the mosaic were joined together to unite the two communities. Ms. Robinson said that the use of art was a way for the girls to define something in their own terms and create something visual.

YOF kindergartners also welcomed parents, faculty and friends to their Kindergarten Art Fair, showing how they used art as a means of exploration and understanding. Colorful paintings, collages, sculptures, drawings, and 3D works filled the auditorium. Each child had two works included in the show, the content of which spanned the course of the year.

Early Childhood at YOF offers a hands-on approach to learning and encourages children to discover, explore and experience the world around them. This was evident in the work that was on display showing each child’s personal touch and interpretation of different subject matters. There were holiday themes, works featuring Hebrew and English, nature, and various artistic techniques.

Along with each child’s individual piece, each class worked on a collaborative piece of art that was on display for a silent auction. Subjects included the seven days of creation, papier-mâché animals on Noah’s Ark, Shabbat, and an array of design techniques. Every child had a hand in creating the class group project and all proceeds from the auction went Hatzalah and Chai Lifeline.

These three events showcased the talent and creativity of YOF students. We cannot wait until tomorrow, as creativity and pursuing individual artistic passions flourish each day at the Yeshivah of Flatbush.

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