Wondering why Hamantaschen are traditional Purim fare?

The reasons and symbolism are abundant.

Today I’ve got a great round-up of sweet and savory, traditional and non-traditional hamantaschen. Choose some to make, or come up with your own combinations.

Note: If you’re sharing your hamantaschen with others, be sure to let them know whether they’re meat, dairy or pareve.

Chocolate-Dipped Cream Cheese Hamantaschen

Elegant and delicious!

Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Hamantaschen

Chocolate dough, chocolate filling and chocolate drizzle. Need I say more? And to top it all off, they are grain free, gluten free and dairy free!

Apple Pie Hamantaschen

These are not just regular hamantaschen with apple filling. This is pie-crust dough, with real apple-pie filling. Full disclosure – this is definitely more work than making regular hamantaschen and is for the more experienced baker. The dough is fragile and you need to be very careful and precise.

Traditional Poppy Seed Mohn Hamantaschen

While it’s fun to experiment, there’s nothing like tradition. And does it get more traditional than poppy seed hamantaschen?!

Sushi Onigri Hamantaschen

Sushi has become a staple (read: obsession) in many Jewish homes. You can find sushi bars at most kosher restaurants, groceries, and even pizza shops. So what better way to celebrate Purim and enjoy everyone’s favorite food than with these adorable sushi hamantaschen?

Pulled BBQ Brisket Hamantaschen

Would you believe that BBQ pulled brisket and mmashed potatoes make awesome savory yeast hamanstaschen (not cookie)?!

Orange Chocolate Hamantaschen

Love Sabra? Then this is the hamantasch for you. It’s also the hamantasch for you if you are a real chocolate lover.

Cranberry Sage Hamantaschen

Are you an adventurous baker? This one mixes sweet and savory. Fresh sage is incorporated into the sweet cookie dough, and then filled with spiced cranberry conserve.

Chocolate-Filled Funfetti Hamantaschen

This one is fun for the kids or the young-at-heart adults.

Rice Crispy Treat Hamantaschen

A sweet and sticky version of the traditional cookie.

Stylish and Healthy Mishloach Manot

Don’t forget about the mitzvah of mishloach manot – sending food gifts to others on Purim. A stylish basket arranged by hand shows you care, and everyone welcomes treats they don’t feel guilty eating!

Happy Purim!

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